Get Rs 10,000 for every successful referral!*

Know anyone who needs business financing? Refer them to us and get rewarded.

Refer owners of business-to-business companies within your network

We can finance B2B* SME businesses that need additional capital to fund transactions.

*B2B companies are those that sells goods or provide services to other companies or government agencies.

Help your family and friends

    Assist them in managing their working capital.

    Help them convert pending invoices or receivables.
    Allow their businesses to grow through convenient financing.

Support your buyers or suppliers

    Let them bridge their cash flow gaps for faster delivery time to
    Facilitate the increase in amount they delivery to or order from
    Help them scale their operations through convenient

To refer, just follow these three steps:

1. Fill out the form.

If you have already signed up for a Kredit Street Account, you may also just text the name and number of your referred business owner to your Account Manager.

2. Help your referred business owner apply.

Tell your referred business owner to gather the necessary requirements. Then, wait for an update if his/her financing application has been approved.

3. Get the Rs 10,000 referral fee via bank transfer.

Once we have financed your referral, we shall ask for your bank details to transfer your referral fee to your preferred account. You may still continue to refer some more!

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